About the Diversity in Medicine Conference

The annual Diversity in Medicine Conference at the University of Michigan aims to unite health professions students, trainees, and faculty from across the country to share the work they are doing to increase diversity in medicine. Our vision is to generate conversations within the medical community surrounding not only the problems associated with institutions lacking a diverse system of healthcare providers, but also the innovative solutions that many institutions are actively implementing. While many medical pipeline programs across the country have found success within their local communities, our ultimate goal is to create a coordinated effort to address the lack of diversity in medicine at a national level. We strongly believe that the most effective way to do so is to create a space for students, trainees, and faculty to come together to present their work, exchange ideas, discover opportunities for collaboration, and reinforce why the work we are doing is so important. The Diversity in Medicine Conference 2020 will provide this space, and we hope it will continue to do so for many years to come.

The theme of the 2020 DiM Conference was

Promoting Diversity Through Lived Experiences 


This theme was portrayed through conference programming and selection of speakers, panelists, and workshops. We fostered conversation around personal and lived experiences and gave the opportunity for faculty, students and trainees from all walks of life to share shared inspiring and honest life stories.

Schedule of Events
All events (except for the social event) will take place in the
Biomedical Science Research Building
(109 Zina Pitcher Pl, Ann Arbor, MI 48109)
March 7th 2020
3rd Annual Diversity in Medicine Conference

Look out for more details to come about the 3rd annual meeting in 2021!

Please email our team at dimconference@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries.

A look back at 2020. . .

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2020 Featured Speakers

Brandi Jackson, MD

of "The Twin Docs"

co-founder of MedLikeMe.com


Rush University Medical Center

Brittani Jackson-James, MD

of "The Twin Docs"

co-founder of MedLikeMe.com

Family Medicine

University of Illinois College of Medicine

Valeria Valbuena, MD

University of Michigan Department of Surgery

Gifty Kwakye, MD

Mari Paz Castanedo Tardan

Logan Gibson, MD

Versha Pleasant, MD

Hadrian Kinnear

2020 "Fixing the Leaky Pipe" Panelists

Demicha Rankin, MD

The Ohio State University Dep't of Anesthesiology

Randy Vince, Jr, MD

Louisiana State University

Partnerships in Science Education Pipeline

University of Michigan
 Department of Urology

Yohualli B. Anaya, MD

Founding Director
Family Medicine Bridging the Gap Univ. of California Los Angeles

Jonathan Finks, MD


Doctors of Tomorrow

University of Michigan


We received

If you are interested in checking out the abstracts presented at the 2020 Diversity in Medicine Conference, feel free to click the link below for our electronic compilation of accepted and presented Poster and Oral Presentations!

DiM 2020 Abstract Compilation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qCoQAx5svKvGk1MHe-XXSRbzEdfdAtXFpOyDdcDWwME/edit?usp=sharing

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Yohualli B. Anaya, MD

Founding Director, Family Medicine Bridging the Gap UCLA Pipeline Project